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Sex Offenders: Third Class Citizens, Part 1

Sex Offenders: Third Class Citizens, Part 1


Most people have heard the saying, “Second Class Citizen”, and there are certainly a lot of Americans that feel this term applies to them. However, there is another class that is even lower—sex offenders. These “people” are dealing with everything that the second class are with an added degree of hardship, as even the Second Class look down on them, oppress them, subject them to incapacitating emotional and mental stress, as well as demonstrate a great amount of hate for them.


Sex offenders are demonized by politics, dehumanized by the media, and to top it off our great Uncle Sam puts his debtorous foot on their necks. Society has been programed to believe that sex offenders are “monsters”, “predatory”, with a high recidivism rate—on the hunt for women and children. This attitude has led to these men, women and children yes even children being denied life’s most simplest essentials. For example, the average sex offender is denied food stamps, assistance from State and Federal officials, and housing—due to an abundance of perplexing ordinances. It does not stop there, They (sic) are also denied the very constitutional rights this country was founded on—rights to equal protection of the law, due process, 8th Amendment, right to privacy, travel interstate, Just (sic) to name a few.


In fact, these people are so hated by society that they have been effectively cast out as if they were lepers. This “casting out” is not a metaphor, it is in most cases quite literal. For example, in California (as well as many other states) sex offenders are homeless, due to ordinances, and reduced to living under bridges, abandoned buildings, or anywhere else they can find to shelter them. These people come from all walks of life and most are more than able to work in order to earn their keep, so to speak, yet society screams, “we don’t care—we hate you all.” Society, it seems, is more willing to pay the cost of having beat down, homeless individuals with no hope, no finances, no anything, nothing more to loose, come around—than to give these “people” a chance of redemption; or a shot at becoming a full first class American citizen with all the rights and privileges (sic) our constitution offers.


Society has to decide who it hates and who it is made of. They must know the actual truths and costs of the “War on Sex Offenders.” The truth is every time so called “leaders” utter the phrase, “War on…”, the people always end up footing the bill as well as suffering any consequences—Just look at the outcome of the “war on drugs” that we are now seeing.


I am a firm believer that there are three kinds of lies—lies, damn lies, and statistics. Anyone can make numbers say whatever they want. For example, the public is continuously informed of the “high recidivism rates.” What the public is not told is sex offenders rates are far lower than any other criminal class. Recidivism rates for sex offenders are around 5% compared to the min of 46% and up for other classes such as murder. Unfortunately, some other classes of felony have a re-offence rate of 68%-80%!


Its time to put our unrealistic fears down and start treating sex offenders as “people”. The way society is currently dealing with them is not working and to be honest—self-destructive and not conducive  to American life. The people in society have to inform their government officials of the need to unite America and not further divide her. These laws and ordinances will only continue to get worse if the public doesn’t demand a change form those that are placed in power by the people.


Keep an eye out for Part 2 of this article, where I will show exactly how deep the rabbit hole goes; and Part 3, where possible solutions are offered. Until then I challenge and encourage you to: 1) reach out to sex offenders (on either side of the walls) to get a first hand look at the true stories, 2) take action now by contacting officials and networking with others. Our society has shown it’s ability to generate vast amounts of hate, but it has also shown it’s ability to have great compassion and love. It is the latter that we need now.


“The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons. American society will surely someday be found guilty of maintaining its massive industrial warehouses for people—mainly poor people and people of color—right up to the point of sewage literally oozing out of the seams.”

   Russian novelist, Fyodor Dostoevsky (a former prisoner himself)


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   Christopher A. Newhouse, D.D.


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Ronald J Schmitt ,72 Y.o., has served 45 years

Ronald J Schmitt 36239
SCI, 100 Corrections Drive
Stanley, WI 53768

As of January 30, 2016 I have served a total of 441 years of incarceration since 1969. From age 26 to age 72. When I went to prison in 1969 my parole officer was not even born yet.
My life has known only four predominant and profound factors:
1. A Broken Family 2. A sheltered Life in an orphanage: 3. A Unpopular War 4 Prisons:
How complex is my 44 year prison journey ? To fully grasp this epic journey you must wade through the volume of compelling material that which is incredible and somewhat chaotic.I went from my adolescence directly into old age and missed all of the life in between.
I'm the third child in a core family of 3 girls and 3 boys. Our father died in a car acci­dent in 1951 and our mother abandoned her six children and we were sent to the Child City which is a [self-sufficient] orphanage of 1,400 acres at Mooseheart, Illinois. Boys and girls were separated on divided campuses and a guard would keep constant surveillance to make sure that no one would cross the imaginary boundary-line. Sisters and brothers would only get together once a year for a Thanksgiving meal. There was no dating, no kissing, sex was taboo and there wasn't any sex education. I was a devoted catholic and an alter-boy. This structured environ­ment was in many ways similar to how a prison is structured. Me and my five siblings came to live at Mooseheart with a different developmental process. This environment presented a very "materialistic" life with all the luxury and extravagance funded by the many Moose Clubs.
At age 8, I was befriended by Richard Bourdage who worked at the post office, hobby shop and managed the summer camp at Mt. Morris, Illinois. I spent most all of my leisure time at the hobby shop where I built box traps, bird houses, boats, and a Soap Box Derby, and at age 15 I became the All-American Soap Box Derby Champion, which was the highlight of my youth. Rich would give me the keys to the hobby shop and to his apartment down below while he was out delivering mail. Rich treated me as a privileged child and he was a father figure to me.
The above is significant information because Rich was a pedophiliac and I was sexually abused by Rich over my Mooseheart years which was paramount in shaping my very existence over the majority of my adult life. ROTC was a mandatory part of the school curriculum starting in
the seventh-grade with a full dress parade [in thick gray West Point cadets uniforms].So I
was indoctrinated into the military at an early age. My strong conviction was this:That 1
could not show no greater love for my country than to lay down my life for Cod, Duty and my country. So it was only proper that I join the Army after Mooseheart, at age 18.
I thought my life was going well and I had to prepare for war. Not long after my training, and 16 weeks of aviation school, I was shipped off to Viet Nam.. 1 did not realize the horror that lay in store for me. Prior to my enlistment I never missed a Sunday mass. Every person who left Mooseheart was a virgin and a good person. Viet is where I lost my innocence. In­deed Viet Nam has perhaps always been my most compelling initiation into adulthood. This may be because war replicates all the physical, emotional,intelletual,and spiritüa1 challenges of life in their most intense and threatening forms. Beginning with basic training.
My parochial foster home left me at age 18 entirely deficient in heterosexual social or sex­ual skills and knowledge. Training in sexual behavior and sexual attitudes and expectations were entirely provided by $.50 short-time and $1.00 all-night whores in V iet Nam. Any kind of sex was available on demand. Preliminary social behavior was not required nor expected. These women were very aggressive and I never experienced any feeling of rejection. Due to my lack of sex education I contacted ten cases of V.D. during my 13 month tour of duty and I almost died of one case of "blue balls." [See military medicals records attached herein].
After experiencing the sexual abuse at the orphanage one of my cognitive distortions that developed was that by having lots of sex with women, this validated my heterosexuality. Then after Viet Nam I needed sex to feel the touch of love and passion that was deeply imprinted and tucked into the creases and gray matter of the brain that I didn't reach until I finally found Specialized treatment for the very ;first time in the Kansas DOC that began in 1991.
This veteran's soul utters the anguish of wounds for which there is no medication.

My return to the States from Viet Nam and Honorable Discharge from the Army was extremely stressfu1. When I approached women usually while drinking] they would reject my advances and I wasn't able to accept the difference between my experiences with women in Viet Nam and those in America, and I felt quite puzzled and disillusioned by this. Due to my increased frustrat­ion,I began to expose myself to women. In 1969 in broad-daylight, on a sidewalk, I forced a women to masturbate me with the threat of a knife at her throat. After numerous such deviate behavior I was arrested and charged with Threat To Injury. I was sent to a Mental Hospital for a 60 day observation period. The Court committed roe to 0-5 years under the Sex Crimes Law and Statute 959.15 for "Specialized treatment."  WSP was the designated Treatment Center.
It is made abundantly clear throughout my Clinical Service File,by both laymen and experts that no such Specialized treatment existed in the prison system. I did everything within my capacity to seek and fix my dsyfunctional life. i.g. I was willing to undergo chemical cast­ration (depo=Provera] as a means to alleviate my sexual addictive behavior. In silent protest I refused to see my parole board because I didn't want to be be released at all because my first and foremost concern was to get psycholtherapy designed in such a way that I can understand my previous behaviors, work through conflicts, and learn to live a productive and full life. Thus, I demanded to be returned to Court and be extended an additional 5 year term> The judge granted my 5- year term> however I was returned to the same system(WSP) and was blind to the causes, cure, and prevention of sex abuse and so no “specialized treatment” was forthcoming.
After having served 10 years on my original 5 year commitment, I was prematurely released with the belief that such treatment actually didn't exist and I would have to control my sex deviate behavior on will-power-alone. As my future depicts this logic was ludicrous. In 1986 I relapsed "again" and with two counts of rape and armed robbery, and I was sentenced to con­secutive terms of 22, 22, and 15 years for a total of 59 years. I've served 30 years of this.
In 1989 I attempted to escape from WSP and my escape plan was so cunning and elaborate that perhaps it would have been a perfect plot, on the Mission Impossible TV show. Prison off­icials in Mam that deadison determined that they didn't have the security to hold me in this state so they Interstate Compacted me to the state of Kansas for 25 years. From 12-4-89 to 10-8-2014:
However, even in tragedy there can be redemption and a flicker of hope, because once I got into the Kansas DOC they took up that responsibility where the Wisconsin system failed me in treatment and I enrolled in every program made available to me [some of them two and three times] earning me 93 Certificates between 1991-2013: I maintain "low-medium custody" while I only received six (6) minor Conduct Reports over these past twenty-five (25) years.
Today I feel so blessed and Applaud the Kansas system for adopting a sex offenders treatment program  that depicts the real story of the sex offender and benefits of therapeutic relationships. So overwhelmed was I to finally find adequate treatment that I invested 25 months in an arduous task to get referral to make a second pass through SOT  that became STP and was extended from a 10 month program to an 18 month program of extensive programm­ing in the highest degree of true excellence by professional staff at Lansing, Kansas, D0C.
(Self-Evaluation) As a child when my basic needs for reliable love, comforting, and safety was mangled by sexual abuse, it brouqht about a state of chronic anxiety, fear, shame, anger emotional isolation despair in my inner child that followed into my adulthood. To heal I could NOT neglect this part of my life, coupled by my Vietnam sexual escapades and traumatic experiences. My life after V-L2_tncLnz was the result of many factors that were hidden until my treatment began in 1991. I owned many cognitive distortions and thinking errors with irratio­nal thoughts that caused emotional stress and maladopted behavior.
In retrospect, and what is so problematic today is the fact that I was released over three decades ago, at a period of time when I was doomed to failure; and now today; and in spite of adversity, I exceeded all expectations and flourished in treatment Where few prisoners have reached such an analytical level about themselves. Yet I am being denied the quality of life that these extraordinary achievements are supposed to bring into my present day and for the rest of my life. Good things are supposed to happen, not bad things like I am experiencing
"WoW" after my return to Wisconsin on 10-8-2014 Was my anticipation and expectations för a better quality of life ever impeded When I became "warehoused" here at the Stanly prison.

2)Done so far:packet 3 (19  pages)description in box below:

Brief History: CATCH   22    SITUATION:  Recovery A   Gift !!!  Why  isn't the issue of treatment

looked upon as being as important as the issue of security ???

Page   8 .......NO   TREATMENT    VERSUS    COST  OF  TREATMENT   -

2006  .........\A  low-life  inmate  scammed  me    out   of   $2000.  and   to    remove me  from   his    crim‑

inal activity he lied when he told security I plan to escape and this put

me in long term segregation.  Make   no mistake about it,    the physical   pain

and mental anguish I experienced was cruel and unusual punishment:

Page   12  .....July   2001:   My    first   parole  hearing after   15 years  on my  governing-sentence:

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